Jackson County – April 2015

We put in a small 1/4 acre of Arrow Seed Krunch n Munch.  This area was a previous Christmas tree field which had been allowed to go fallow a over a decade ago.  The soil was very sandy and had a decently thick turf build up.

The client had completed a soil sample so we knew how much lime and fertilizer were needed which was very important.  We started by making 3 passes with the Rotovator to work up the soil and incorporate the existing plant matter.  Ideally the area would have been hit with Round-Up a few weeks earlier but oh well…

Next we spread the lime and fertilizer and made another pass with the Rotovator to mix it in well.  A pass with the cultipacker prepared the seedbed.

Being able to use the no-till drill allow proper seed placement.  Another pass or two with the cultipacker and we were done.


Follow Up

Looks like the planting came in quite nicely!