Arrow Seed

Essential Food Plots LLC is an official dealer for Arrow Seed.  I can work with you and Arrow Seed to choose the perfect pre-designed food mix, approved CRM blend, or custom seed requests.  Contact me with questions or to place an order.

The Food Plot Seed line from Arrow Seed is a set of mixes specifically designed to perform almost anywhere you find whitetail deer. Their mission is to help the big game enthusiast provide the best possible nutrition as well as habitat for deer. Maximum results are achieved from years of ongoing testing, research and development. They have an agronomist on staff and work directly with industry experts testing biomass samples and are constantly monitoring results. Combined with their state of the art seed cleaning facility and passion for growing big bucks the result is nothing but the highest quality seed from the bag to the field. When you put an Arrow Seed product in the ground you can be assured you will get More for Your Buck.